Herrekijker 'Re-looking/New Look'

Can you look with your ears, see with your nose? Have you ever met a bark man in a tree? Or spotted the squint-eyed face in a bicycle lamp?

Herrekijker is a programme for children about rediscovering our everyday environment, through our senses, language and photography, together with an introduction to visual art. It stimulates awareness of one’s own surroundings – the ideas, fantasies, feelings and ideas that can be associated with the things around us. Artists who kept an open mind and a curious, investigative outlook ever since childhood, recorded this in their work, which helps children do the same. With Herrekijker, children venture outdoors with a range of assignments, such as photographing chewing gum stains, discovering a ‘sprokkelbeest’ (creatures in trees), or making letters with shadows, and record their own, unique ways of seeing things..

Herrekijker is a method developed for educational use and is regularly adapted for museums and nature reserves. The accompanying book, Hoor de zon (Hear the Sun), includes illustrations of works of art and written articles that carry readers along, opening their eyes to the exceptional, the unusual, which lies hidden in the ordinary, the familiar. The book supports the programme, but is also a gem in its own right. 

As as educational programme for art and nature, Herrekijker is designed for elementary and secondary school children, aged 4 to 15. They are introduced to art, and by way of 30 different assignments, are swept into discovering the world around their school, a park or forest. With the results of these assignments, pupils create their own artworks. This programme is already successfully employed in the Netherlands, used independently by teachers in more than 250 schools.

For more information, please mail info[at]herrekijker.nl or call Madelinde Hageman 0031621901238

Herrekijker is een kunst- en natuur-educatief programma voor het onderwijs, musea en natuur centra wat gaat over het ontdekken van je eigen, unieke blik op je dagelijkse omgeving en het ontwikkelen van een bewuste houding ten opzichte van de dingen om je heen. Het Doorkijkers kaartspel is een spel wat je leert om te kijken naar kunst.
Giuseppe Penone • 'Otterlo Beech'
Kroller-Muller Museum, Otterlo, Nederland
scupture, boom van brons
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